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How do you know if there is an underground tank on your property?  Unless you owned the property from the day the house was built, you may not know if there is a tank lurking underground.  When you go to put on an addition, or an in-ground pool or if you put the house up for sale, this is something you need to investigate.  Just to be sure.

Looking for an underground tank is easy for our experienced Field Technicians.  We start our search inside the home.  The Technician will search in the furnace area to look for visual evidence of oil heat usage.

Next he will head outside.  The perimeter of the home is swept with a magnetic locator.  He will also use a 1” probe to identify any metal found underground.  Most oil tanks will be located close to the house, within 15’, so the entire property doesn’t need to be searched.

After the house area has been investigated, he will continue his search around any separate garages or outbuildings just to be thorough.  It isn’t unusual to find an old diesel or gasoline tank in some of the older properties, especially in the old farming communities of Monmouth County.

There are certain areas Lawes can’t search.  Anywhere there is an addition, pool, low deck, or concrete with reinforced rebar can’t be investigated.

If no tanks are found, Lawes will provide a written report stating this information.

If a tank is found, Lawes will provide the owner with a removal proposal.  And with funds available from the State Grant Program, there will be little out-of-pocket expense for the qualifying Homeowner!

When Lawes performs a Property Sweep during a real estate transaction, we will need either the Homeowner or a representative to meet us.  Our Technicians will not enter a home without the Homeowner’s permission and a representative present.

Interested?  You can fill out our “Sweep Form" and email it to us.  You can print out the form and fax it to us.  Or just call – the office staff will be happy to make all the arrangements for you!