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Active tank, abandoned tank, underground tank, above-ground, basement, crawl space, heating oil, diesel, gasoline - tanks are becoming more and more of an issue.  What is a Homeowner to do? For an easy solution call Lawes Environmental Services LLC at 732.530.4333.

  • Active Underground Tank (UST) - Upgrade the tank to one of the new Roth Above Ground oil tanks.  Lawes Environmental Services LLC can survey for the new tank installation and underground tank removal.  These upgrade costs may be reimbursable under PUST (Petroleum Underground Storage Tank) State Grant Program - up to $3000.00.
  • Abandoned Underground Tank (UST) - Removing these out-of-service tanks is always the best option.  Lawes Environmental Services LLC will survey the removal and send the owner an estimate.  The tank removal costs may be reimbursable under the PUST State Grant Program up to $1200.00.
  • Above Ground Tank (AST) or Basement Tank (BST) - If no longer in use, they should be removed.  If they are in use, let Lawes Environmental Services LLC inspect the tank to make sure it is in sound condition.

For more information about the PUST State Grant Program, click here or on the State Grant Program.